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                                 Premium Conveyor Belt

Columbia Rubber’s partnership with Continental allows us to provide our customers with highest quality Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts in the industry.  As a Continental Select Distributor, we have access to a vast variety of specifications that will benefit our customers with the performance it takes to achieve a lower cost per ton.

Columbia Rubber proudly stocks Plylon Plus Conveyor Belt in a variety of specs including 2 Ply 250, 3 Ply 375, 4 ply 500, and 3 ply 600.  

With our Plylon Plus Construction customers receive the unique benefit of Continental Conti-Alert innovation. Conti-Alert’s Red Bonding Layer allows users to see Conveyor Belt wear in real time.  Identifying Belt wear helps customers to get the most life out of their belts. Knowing when to change you belt helps prevent downtime and keep your plant running smooth.

Conti-Alert Diagram.JPG
  • Reduced Buildup on Idlers

  • Improved Housekeeping

  • Increased Material Transfer

  • Improved Scraper Life

  • Increased Belt Life

  • Increased Profitability

Continental offers a non-stick solution that helps prevent material from sticking to belts dramatically reducing carry-back issues. 

Benefits to this product include:


Wide Variety of Belt in Stock

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